Recipolog – What I cooked

This blog is a compilation of culinary secrets from my kitchen and also the secrets of those bloggers whose recipes I’ve stolen from the WordPress Reader :D. Plus it also contains a few of my endless rantings and a couple of pics that I’ve clicked from a cheap digicam. But hey I love them :D.


So here’s an index of a few mouth watering easy to cook and yummilicious dishes that I’ve made in my lair

1. Aloo Paratha From India
2. Dal Makhani – King of Indian Dals
3. Poha – Breakfast with Rice Flakes
4. What every idli wants to be- Rava Idli
5. Pulao- Aromatic Rice
6. Hungry? Samosa to the rescue


Besides cooking some delicious food and baking stuff, I also write on travel, music and anything that crosses my mind. You know, the plain ol’ bloggin’ 😉

1. More Indian Recipes
2. Kung Pao Chicken – A Recipe I’d love to Write about
3. Lunch at an Indian House
4. When summer kills, head to the hills


Oh and how can I forget my not-so-artistic side. Well even my photograph needs a little space of its own

1. Up and Close
2. Roses are red
3. Poha and upma
4. Methi Paratha
5. Instagram Effects on a Hibiscus bud
6. Instagram Effects on a Hibiscus Flower
7. Special Konkani Prawn Thali (Recipes from the internet and Photo by me)


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