Piquant Potluck and PrintRunner GiveAway

Aromatic, assorted, authentic, baked, blazed, braised, burnt, buttered, candied, caramelized, cheesy, chunky, creamy, crunchy, decadent, delectable, drizzled, encrusted, ethnic, exquisite, exotic, festive, fizzy, flaky, fluffy, fried, frozen, gingery, glazed, gourmet, greasy, honeyed, hot, icy, indulgent, juicy, lavish, layered, luscious, mashed, minty, nutritious, organic, palatable, peppery, PIQUANT, plump, poached, pungent, ripe, roasted, sauteed, savory, scrumptious, smoked, steamed, stuffed, spongy, sweet, sour, tangy, tempting, toasted, velvety, warm, whipped, wonderful, yummy or zesty


No matter which adjectives apply to your recipe, Piquant Potluck is the place that will serve your recipe visually to hundreds of other Foodie Freaks out there. Every edition of Piquant Potluck will invite entries from food bloggers and food fanatics. 5 entries will be chosen and featured in the next edition of Piquant Potluck. One lucky foodie will also win a small gift.


Piquant Potluck – Lucky You

Post Card from Print Runner.com

In the first edition of Piquant Potluck, we promised to give away a $10 Walmart Gift Card. In this second edition, we will choose three winners. Yes you heard that right. 2 winners will get a set of 100 post cards worth $32 free from PrintRunner.com. One Winner will get a Promo Code worth $20 for the Mac App – iGreetingCard. What’s more, 2 winners will be chosen from the featured posts by one of you! One winner for PrintRunner will be chosen directly from the pool of viewers who subscribe to this blog. After the submissions close, we will contact one of you to help us pick the winner randomly from the five posts. When you pick the winner, you also get featured on our blog with the 5 featured posts.

The winners of this edition of Piquant Potluck will be announced after 25th of July.

Piquant Potluck – Featured Posts

In the first edition of Piquant Potluck, we received 41 entries. While all the recipes were marvelous, we have picked up the following 5 recipes as our featured post. The sixth recipe is from Dawn who helped us pick up the winner for the Walmart Gift Card. Do drop by her blog at Addicted to Recipes. Maggie will win a Walmart Gift Card. Congrats Maggie 🙂



The recipes will be also be featured on


[one_third]Facebook - Quick Asian Recipes[/one_third][one_third] Pinterest - Quick Asian Recipes[/one_third][one_third_last]Twitter - Quick Asian Recipes[/one_third_last]


Piquant Potluck – Newbies

We all know what it is like to see a hike in the number of visitors to our blog. Visit a few newbie bloggers and share your love by way of comments and subscriptions

If your blog is less than two months old, then send us an email at contact at quickasianrecipes dot com after you link your recipe. Your blog url will be featured here in the next edition of Piquant Potluck 🙂

Piquant Potluck – Who Will Win

While you can link your recipe by just filling in a small form, the featured posts and winners will be those who check off the following things from their TO-DO list.

[custom_list type=”check”]

  • Like Us on FaceBook and Follow Us on Pinterest and Twitter
  • Comment on one or more of our posts (Images in the “Featured Posts” slider in the right pane are linked to our posts)
  • Comment on the submitted recipe just before your entry (We all love comments, don’t we?)
  • Comment on any one recipe that you like
  • The submitted recipe must have a trackback link to any post/page from our blog. You can also embed the buttons below


Quick Asian Recipes

Click for Code
Quick Asian Recipes

Quick Asian Recipes

Quick Asian Recipes

Piquant Potluck - Quick Asian Recipes

Click for Code
Piquant Potluck - Quick Asian Recipes

Piquant Potluck - Quick Asian Recipes

Piquant Potluck - Quick Asian Recipes


[vfb id=1]


PrintRunner GiveAway

We are grateful to PrintRunner.com for sponsoring this GiveAway.

Details of the giveaway prize:        Postcards

Postcard Size                :        Postcards 5×7

Quantity                :        100 x 2 (One for Subscribers, other for Featured Recipes)

Colors                        :        4/0 Front Only Printing

Paper                        :        14 PT. UV Coating on Front,

Rounded Corners         :        Yes

Proof                        :        None

Ready to Ship In        :        4 Business Days

Cost              :            $64 approximately

*Giveaway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above.

Just Subscribe to our blog to enter the PrintRunner GiveAway. Please enter a Valid Email Address as we will contact you on this ID if you win.

iGreetingCard GiveAway

We are thankful to iGreetingCard for sponsoring this GiveAway.

Details of the Prize: iGreetingCard Promo Code for Mac Store

Number of items : 1 Promo Code

Cost : $19.99

Who Will Win : 1 of the linked recipes (Please check the checkbox for Mac while linking your recipes)

Check this Piquant Potluck

[potluck start_date=’2012-07-11′ end_date=’2012-07-31′]

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