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Every month gives us an occasion to celebrate something special – from Father’s Day to Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day or Christmas. We all love to express our feelings on such occasions and what could be better than Greeting Cards. While the internet is full of virtual greeting cards, it’s nice to personalize your cards and send them across on emails or even better – Print Them! iGreetingCard is a Mac App that allows you to create beautiful e-greetings in just a few minutes. You can choose from the 70 plus templates available and create an e-greeting card in no time. Use your images to personalize these greeting cards and in minutes you’ll get images in JPEG, TIFF and other formats that you can mail to your friends and family or print on post cards.

Screenshot 3

You can quickly import pictures from iPhoto library and with mask effects and different fonts and colors, you can create a wonderful greeting card with just a few clicks. You can upload your images and start working quickly with the various templates available. You can also create your card from scratch and add your own images and mask effects. What’s better is that you can create some amazing cards with iGreetingCard and then use a site like PrintRunner to print these to lovely post cards that are normally delivered to you in 3-4 business days.

If you are one of the smart shoppers who love to try stuff before a purchase – you can also check the lite version of iGreetingCard which has 10+ templates and gives you more than a sneak peek into the full version.

Remember that apps like iGreetingCard are not just limited to Greeting Cards. They can be used to do so much more – like creating collage posters, banners and even recipe cards. Yes that’s right, with the abundant effects available, you can paint a lot of things with this software. If you are looking for a few recipe card ideas then take a quick pick from the cards below

Recipe Cards from quickasianrecipes.com and printrunner.com

You can visit PrintRunner to print these cards. Or you can drop by at Piquant Potluck later today to win a free copy of iGreetingCard and 2 packs of 100 post cards from PrintRunner.

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