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Recipe Cards are a great way to share your recipes with friends and family. Whether it’s a secret recipe passed down from your grandma’s kitchen or a special pasta treat; a recipe card is an excellent way to share it. Recipe cards can easily be printed on paper from a deskjet printer at home. However, getting the cards printed from a site like will give you a pack of beautiful, glossy or matte Recipe cards in just a few days. It’s worth waiting for 3-4 business days as the quality is unparalleled and a pack of 5″ x 7″ Post Cards will only cost you $0.32 per post card.

Of course Post cards from can also be  used to print your regular invitation cards or of course Post Cards :). A few great features of PrintRunner are

  • You can submit the proof before submitting the actual order – Now that’s a life saver. On many occasions you’ll have sites state that they could not deliver your order because the submitted picture had a lower resolution, aspect ratio problem or something else. Moreover, you get this reply after a couple of days from placing your order. But it’s worth waiting for 6-12 hours before placing the order. This is the time that the team from takes to check the proof.
  • Upload or design your post card -PrintRunner accepts uploads in a wide range of formats including picture formats like png, jpeg, tiff, etc. and also doc, docx and pdf. That makes printing a lot more easier as you aren’t just restricted to image formats anymore.
  • Sizes and other options -You can get your post cards in 4×6, 5×7, 4×9 and go all the way up to 8.5×11 inches. Plus you can opt for rounded corners, go for a front and back or front only printing, choose color or black and white and of course choose a next day delivery if you are in a hurry.

If you are looking for some post cards, recipe cards or cards for seasons greetings, would be a great place to stop by and shop. Plus don’t miss their exciting products like banners, brochures, bookmarks, visiting cards, bumper stickers, greeting cards, tags, personalized pens – well the list just goes on.

If you too love the idea of printing recipe cards, then here are a few of my favorite places to hunt for recipe cards Recipe Cards Giveaway at Piquant Potluck

For those who want to try some post cards from, come back to check our next giveaway at Piquant Potluck on July 11th. While the link party will be on for the second edition of Piquant Potluck, the giveaway will be open to any one who subscribes to the blog 🙂 Plus you will have another Recipe Card to choose from.

So see you on July 11th at the next edition of Piquant Potluck with a new recipe link party and two giveaways for 5×7 inches Post Cards (100 postcards, Colored front Print valued @ $32).

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