Nawabi Kheema Pulao – Minced Lamb Aromatic Rice.

For a veggie version check

nitu didi

Pullaos are very common in planning a party menu or in banquets. At homes its a one meal dish which is quite fulfilling. Pullao literally means rice which is cooked together with vegetables , meat , poultry or seafood along with a stock ( or water). Its delicately flavoured or spicy depending on the state it comes from. I have been told my recipes are quite bland but thats because i cater to such a varied audience. Time again i have stated that the spice in my food can be added. Today my minced meat pullao recipe is with the proper spices.. If you want it less spicy please add less of spice.

This is best eaten with a raita(yogurt with chopped raw onion, tomatoes and fresh green coriander leaves) tho i ate it with plain natural yogurt. I am sure all pullao fans are going to simply love thisโ€ฆ

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