Joy Ride in Jaipur India with some good food suggestions 🙂

Inquiring Chef

I’m back with just a few more pictures and stories from our trip to India.  It’s Sunday morning here in Bangkok, and we’ve been home nearly a week.  More Sunday nights than not, Frank and I order Indian food for dinner.  Will we be up for our usual Indian order tonight?  The jury is still out.

On our trip to India, the best guide we had was a man named Farooq who took us around Jaipur.  I imagine that his excellent guiding was responsible for making Jaipur one of the places we visited that I would return to in a heartbeat.

Jaipur was painted pink, which I loved straight away.

It is also home to a spectacular castle that you could reach by way of elephant.  Touristy, but nonetheless fun.

Here are the elephants waiting for riders in the elephant “parking lot”.

Jaipur, being in Rajasthan, has a desert…

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