Instagram Effects on a Hibiscus bud

The other day I was just looking a shoeflower bud in my backyard. “One more day,” I thought to myself, “and this bud will bloom into a gorgeous flower.” Then the thought of capturing the cycle of life of this bud came to my mind. Instagram clicked immediately and with its various color modes I could add some beautiful effects to the same picture.I also clicked a few pics of the flower the next day but after that I could not click a pic as the flower withered away… well this day I was too caught up in taking care of my own health.

And then I thought to myself that life is such a mystery. You never know what’s in store on the next page. All you can do is enjoy reading every page from the book of life and cherish the beautiful moments that it offers you. Take the best, leave the rest and move on 🙂









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