Kimchi Jjigae

Kimchu jjigae

The Food and Culture of South Korea

Kimchi jjigae is one of many varieties of Korean stew. Jjigaes are pretty common in the Korean household and can be made with many of the typical ingredients found in the Korean diet. Kimchi jjigae is a prime example since kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage) is eaten with virtually every meal. It generally consists of vegetables, seasoning, pork, and kimchi, making it a relatively simple stew to make. Like most contemporary Korean cuisine, kimchi jjigae can be found at most Korean restaurants in America (especially tofu houses). There’s not much to say about jjigaes, other than they taste great and anyone looking to try a typical, not-too-out-there Korean dish should try this.


The Kimchi Chronicles: The Seoul Food Chronicles

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