Indian chicken curry

Indian chicken curry from another corner of the world. Chicken curry with spinach… Hmm, looks good 😉

Stacy Alexander


Day # 11 – Kitchen

Photo a Day – Kitchen

I have three adult children, Stacy,Jr, Myles and Sarah.  When I think back to their childhoods, I usually recall times we spent together cooking and/or eating together.  I taught Stacy and Myles how to bake bread when Myles was 4 and Jr. was 6.   I babysat their friend, Julie Clarke, who also joined in the fun.   The kitchen was the hub of our family, and we would eat meals together in the evenings .   What they put into their bodies was always more important to me than it was to them.  Slow food was the focus back then, and I firmly believed in it.  I still do…but I practice it less, as I have been swept up by life and work and am trying to put less emphasis on food.

These days, 2.5 yr. old Ingrid will…

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