What every idli wants to be- Rava Idli

This is what comes to mind when you think of a South Indian breakfast. Idli or steamed rice cakes are puffy, light and full of goodness that is perfect for a healthy start to your day. Rava Idli is the fancier cousin of the plain Idli and is made of semolina instead of rice flour. Some additional ingredients like curry leaves; mustard seeds and fresh coriander add a different edge to this south Indian superstar.

Rava Idli (Steamed savory semolina cakes)

Serving Size – Serves Four
Estimated Preparation time – 20 Minutes
Estimated cooking Time – 10 Minutes


Semolina – 200 gm/ 1.5cup
Plain yoghurt – 1cup
Mustard seeds – 1Tsp
Curry leaves – 4
Bengal gram split (available at all Indian grocers) – 1 Tbsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Vegetable Oil – 2 Tbsp
Coriander chopped – 1 Tsp

Preparation Method:

In a frying pan heat vegetable oil, when hot add mustard seeds, split Bengal gram and curry leaves, sauté till the curry leaves turn dark.

Now add the semolina. Mix well and fry for five minutes. The semolina should be well toasted by then and will appear dark golden in color.

Add the yoghurt into the toasted semolina, add salt and mix well. Keep aside for 10 minutes.

Steam the mixture for in an idli mould for 10 minutes. If you don’t have an idli mould then the batter can be poured into small bowls and steamed.

Serve hot rava idlis along with the Coconut chutney.


Nutritional Value – Calories- 524 Fat 29.2 g, Carbohydrates- 21.4 g, Protein- 25 g

Tip: Top off the idli batter with a thin slice of tomato just before steaming, this will add to the color and taste of your rava idlis.


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