Dal Makhani – King of Indian Dals

Dal makhani Served with Steamed Rice

Dal Makhani is arguably the most popular vegetarian choice in India. Dal, meaning lentil and Makhani meaning buttery are the terms that this dish is named after due to its smooth silky texture, which is the hallmark of any good dal makhni. It can be enjoyed any time of the day and pairs really well with steamed rice. Its popularity has given rise to many personal recipes which are well guarded secrets that many chefs swear by. But you really don’t need to be a culinary expert to enjoy this king of Dals, Dal Makhni!

Serving Size – Serves Four
Estimated Preparation Time – 10 Minutes
Estimated Cooking Time – 25 Minutes


Lentils and kidney beans

Whole urad dal (black lentils, available in all Indian stores)-150g
Rajma (red kidney beans, available in all Indian stores)-50g
Onion Chopped-1
Tomato Chopped-1
Ginger paste-1Tsp
Garlic Paste-1Tsp
Red chilli powder-1Tsp
Turmeric Powder- 1/2Tsp
Cumin Seeds-1Tsp
Ghee(clarified butter)-2Tbsp

Spices and ingredients for dal makhani

Preparation Method:

Boil the Dal and Rajma together for about 15 minutes or till they become soft and mushy. Keep aside.

In a saucepan heat some ghee, when hot add cumin seeds.

When cumin starts spluttering add chopped onions, saute till it turns soft.

Add ginger and garlic paste, stir continuously to avoid the pastes from sticking to the pan. Cook for five minutes.

Now add the chopped tomatoes and cook till they become soft.

Dal Makhani

To the softened tomatoes add salt, chilli powder and turmeric. cook for five more minutes.

Add the boiled Dal and Rajma, stir nicely to mix in all the ingredients. Let it simmer for a while.

cooking Dal makhani

Finish of the dal makhani by adding cream, mix again.

Serve hot along with steamed rice.

Dal Makhani Served with a dollop of butter

Steamed rice and dal makhani

Tip– Add some more ghee(clarified butter) to the dal to enhance its taste further.

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8 thoughts on “Dal Makhani – King of Indian Dals

  1. lovely, am gonna make this for the man of our house. he loves dal makhni. he says a good cook/ chef can be made out by the way they prepare dal makhni 🙂 thanks ashish.

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