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Chicken Biryani - Spicy Rice with Egg Omlette

After spending almost half a day with the Paratha Recipe – making the Paratha (20 minutes), clicking pictures (20 minutes), writing the recipe (30-40 minutes), figuring out how to use WordPress (30-40 minutes), positioning the pictures correctly in the blog (30 minutes) and finally beaming with pride (for whatever part of the day that was left); I figured out that it might be a good idea to share a few recipes that I might try out in the coming few days. Though I will update the recipes twice every week, I thought I might as well just give a hint of what’s up next 🙂

One of the dishes that can be prepared with a lot of Variations is the Biryani. Long grains of Indian Basmati Rice that has been cooked with as many or as few spices as one wants. Moreover, the Biryani can be a delicious treat for Vegans and Non-Vegans alike. In fact, if you are planning to cook this at home for a small gathering/party, you can cook Vegetarian Biryani. To appease the carnivores :P, this Veg Biryani can be served with a layer of cooked meat. Serve it with chilled cold drinks or a can of beer and your guests will be asking for a second serving. Well, I won’t give away the entire recipe here. Wait for the blog 🙂

Chicken Biryani served with Dew, onion dipped in Vinegar and Indian Mango Pickle

A Summer Favorite across India – a glass of Sweet (or Salted) Lassi is a drink you can’t miss. One of the easiest drinks to prepare on the whole of earth I assume ;), a glass of tasty Lassi can be prepared in under two minutes. All you need is some yogurt, a blender and sugar.

Sweet Lassi

A few more items that I plan to blog about this month –

Breakfast – Upma, Poha

Appetizers – Dhokla

Main Course – Malabar Chicken Curry, Kadhi Pakoda

Desserts – Phirni

So stay tuned!!!

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