Kung Pao Chicken – A Recipe I’d love to Write about

Kung Pao Chicken - My Chinese Favorite

Since I can’t be posting a recipe everyday, that definitely should not stop me from cooking up one in my mind every time I see or eat a dish that I love. On this lazy Sunday, when I stepped out of my house with a few friends to taste some delicious Chinese food – the thought of blogging about Kung Pao Chicken crossed my mind. There are hundreds of recipes on Kung Pao Chicken and all one needs is access to Google. But nonetheless, the joy of documenting my creation of Kung Pao Chicken will be fabulous ;). Since I will dedicate this month to Indian Recipes, Kung Pao Chicken will probably have to wait till next month. Till then, I’ll just enjoy the dish with my friends 🙂

Kung Pao Chicken with Spring Roll and Khimchi Salad

Kung Pao Chicken served with Vegetable Fried Rice, Khimchi Salad, Vegetable Spring Roll and Groundnuts roasted in salt and red chilly powder.

Kung Pao Chicken with Khimchi Salad and Spring Roll

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