Aaloo Paratha from India

Here comes the first post in this long series of easy to cook and delicious to eat recipes from Asia. I thought of starting the blog with a few recipes from India. Here’s a breakfast favorite from Northern India. Let us know if you like it πŸ™‚
Hot stuffed parathas! a breakfast favorite in the northern parts of India. This simple yet tasty bread has evolved quite a lot since the old days. Clarified butter or ‘ghee’ was the cooking medium of choice in the past, but the weight watchers brigade has replaced it with the lighter vegetable oil. The stuffing used in the Parathas has also seen many changes in recent times. From the very classic mashed potato to the now popular minced chicken or egg. Changes or not, stuffed paratha still remains the top breakfast choice for most Indians, after all there is nothing like gorging on these beauties on a lazy Sunday morning.
Aaloo Paratha
Aaloo Paratha (Mashed potato stuffed bread) – IndiaServing Size – Serves Four
Estimated Preparation Time – 10 Minutes
Estimated Cooking Time – 10 Minutes

Wheat flour – 500 gm or 2 Cups
Boiled Potatoes – 2
Onion chopped – 1
Green chilly chopped – 2
Roasted Cumin seeds – 1 Tsp
Salt – 1 Β½ Tsp
Vegetable oil – 4 Tbsp

Preparation Method:

To prepare the dough take the wheat flour, add half Tsp of salt, 1 Tbsp of vegetable oil. Mix well and pour water over the flour and knead into a smooth dough. Keep aside to rest.

Mash the boiled potatoes, add roasted cumin seeds, chopped onion, and green chilly and salt . Mix well till all the ingredients are nicely combined.
doubh and smashed potato
To prepare the paratha, take a golf ball sized portion of the dough, flatten it with your palm. Now place a spoon full of the prepared stuffing in the centre of the flattened dough ball.
Now bring together all the sides of the dough and pinch them tightly to form a dumpling.
Dumpling before rolling
Place this dumpling on your work top and roll it out gently using a rolling pin. Dust wheat flour on the work top if the dough becomes sticky. Once rolled the paratha should be evenly thick from all sides.
Rolled Paratha
To cook, heat oil in a frying pan, place the rolled out paratha on it. Cook on one side for two minutes. Flip it over apply some more oil on the surface and cook on both sides till it becomes crispy.
Frying the Paratha
Serve hot along with plain yoghurt or Indian pickle.
Aaloo Paratha
Nutritional Value – Calories- 625 Fat 39 g, Carbohydrates- 26.2 g, Protein- 28 g
Tip: Use a little extra oil while kneading the dough, this will result in crispier Parathas. Also try using other stuffing like crumbled cottage cheese(Paneer) or mashed Peas.
This paratha has been served along with yoghurt sprinkled with some dried mint and chilli flakes.
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12 thoughts on “Aaloo Paratha from India

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  3. That looks amazing! I get my paratha packed mainly because I was not blessed with the patience to make my own, but I do love me some paratha on anything – peanut sauce, curry sauce, yogurt, ice cream, cheesecake, anything!

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  5. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post! What a lovely blog. I’ve always wanted to be able to make good a Indian bread – hopefully there will be more tips to come πŸ™‚ I love making flatbreads because it’s quick and easy on the stove and very satisfying πŸ™‚

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